She thinks herself sly, but in truth she is utterly predictable.


At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.

Tales heard throughout Westeros. Told by sailors, soldiers and merchants, dragons in Asshai, dragons in Qarth, dragons in Meereen, Dothraki dragons, dragons freeing slaves … each telling differs from the last, but only in details. All speak of dragons, and a beautiful young queen. A true Targaryen.

Happy Birthday,Tom 

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He took my face in his hands and kissed me. I was completely unprepared. You would think that after all the hours I’d spent with Gale—watching him talk and laugh and frown — that I would know all there was to know about his lips. But I hadn’t imagined how warm they would feel pressed against my own. I think I made some sort of noise in the back of my throat 

 Then he let go and said, “I had to do that. At least once.” And he was gone.

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"I can’t go down without a fight."

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The tributes of the 75th Hunger Games.

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Catching Fire trailer - victors


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